3 Benefits of Mobile Web Design for Restaurants

When people search for restaurants, they’re often on the move. Many people do sit down and plan out where to go for special dates or anniversaries, but far more people do it while on the go.

People look up more restaurants online than any other brick and mortar business. And when they’re conducting this search, they’re most likely doing it on their mobile devices.

3 Benefits of Mobile Web Design for Restaurants

To get in front of those customers, Las Vegas web design firm suggests that your restaurant website has to be optimized for mobile devices. Here are three benefits of mobile web design for restaurants:

Search Engine Friendly

According to a survey by Confluent Forms, 42% of visitors looked for restaurants on mobile devices. That number is only expected to increase.

Search engines are giving higher preference to websites that are mobile-friendly. Such websites are placed higher on search results, increasing the chances of a restaurant website being seen.

Improved User Experience

A website specifically optimized for mobile devices improves the overall user experience. Mobile web design prioritizes clean, simple navigation and quick access to pertinent information like address and phone number.

Ability to Convert

A restaurant website is generally not meant for people to linger on. It’s supposed to capture people quickly and make them leave quickly, so they can actually come into the restaurant.

Although mobile visits are shorter and people might not stay on your website too long, as long as your website does a good job of capturing them and giving them the information they’re looking for, its ability to convert visitors into customers goes up.

Mobile Web Design Strategies for Restaurants

If you visit Internet Marketing Las Vegas experts you will realize that when people are searching for restaurants online, they want three things: how to get there (address and map), how to contact them (phone number), and the menu.

These three things should be displayed prominently on the website, with simple navigation. Depending on the type of restaurant, an easy access to reservations and ordering is also a big plus. People often wonder about restaurant hours, so these should also be displayed on the front page when possible.

Restaurants often have scanned PDFs or images as menus. That just slows down the loading time and downloads unnecessary files on target devices. Menus should be displayed sensibly. Drill-down menus or multi-tap menus should be avoided.

In the end, you know your target customer base better than anyone else. Once you understand what type of customers you’re serving, you can better understand what information you should display prominently versus what can take the backseat.

Many restaurants don’t understand the value of being found on search engines or improving user experience. Once you understand how mobile web design can help you with all those, you’ll be head and shoulders above your competitors. #

3 Benefits of Mobile Web Design for Restaurants

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