Richard Grannon

Richard Grannon was born and raised in the UK. He attended the prestigious Aston University in Birmingham and graduated with a BSc in Psychology before fully committing to his childhood dream of becoming a life coach. While Richard’s dream was to become a life coach, Richard chose a different kind of life coaching skill. He opted to specialize in the Spartan Life coaching.

This is a rarely ventured into form of life coaching that uses the three main Spartan principles of strength, self discipline, and bravery to bring the very best out of people and helps them to make ideal lifestyle decisions. Today Richard is highly recognized as a knowledgeable, professional, and inspirational life coach who is looked up to by many.

Richard considers it his greatest accomplishment to be a responsible life coach who designs and uses effective life coaching tools to promote healing and growth to all his clients in-discriminatively. This perception has in fact won him many clients and branded him as “The Spartan Life Coach.”

Richard Grannon

Irrespective of that, Richard also has a wealth of experience. He has previously worked with teens and coached them on how to nurture their emotions, set goals, and learn to make the most informed lifestyle decisions. He has also worked under the best life coaches such as Richard Bandler that he practiced under while still in school. Finally he boasts of over five years of solo career as a life coach. Richard has done all these ever since his early twenties.

The greatest achievement yet for Grannon is his ability to design solutions rather than use tools to solve problems. While working under Bandler, together, they managed to come up with a communication program that independently enhanced the communication systems between clients and life coaching practitioners.

This program NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) is a tool that also triggers maximum reach to victims of narcissistic abuse, and helps to zero in to the most practical solutions ever for them and anyone who suffers from complex PTSD situations.

Because of NLP’s immeasurable success in transforming life coaching, Grannon has since received a Master Practitioner Certification for it and has further sought other ideal ways to demystify the rarely touched narcissistic abuse and complex PTSD situations.

Richard already has a number of skills that he uses to achieve the best out his clients including extra skills in teaching, training, blogging, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and social networking. Today Richard uses these skills in forums, public speeches, and in achieving the best life coaching results.

Richard Grannon

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